Archangelic Attunement Ceremonials

The work at the Center for Being™ is committed to spiritual ideals, spiritual advancement and personal spiritual acceleration.
Divine Celestial Beings have their areas of expertise which they are quite willing to share with humans and which may be beneficial to the human spiritual awakening process.

We are devoted to offering such Angelic energies in the form of Angelic Attunements which may advance your spiritual growth and at the same time work on and allow you to be in greater balance with your Higher Self, the planet Earth and all Beings on it.

Along these lines we are pleased to offer our visitors some special energetic attunements, all sourced from Archangels.

On this page we will introduce you to several Archangelic Attunement Ceremonials. Simply click the links to read more about them.

First there's Archangel Raphael's Attunement for Joy™
As the name indicated, this Attunement is highly energetic, and focusses on Love, Light and Joy.
To read more on Archangel Raphael's Attunement for Joy, please go to this page.

The following Archangelic Attunement Ceremonials are now available:

Please click on the names of the attunement to learn more about them.

Again, please click the names of those attunements to learn more about them.

These beautiful seven Attunement Ceremonials are also known as the SEVEN RAYS OF LOVE™ from our beloved Archangels.

You may now register to receive all Seven Rays of Love™ which include the abovementioned Archangelic Attunement Ceremonials by clicking here to read more about or register for The Seven Rays Of Love™!!!

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