Archangel Raphael's Emerald Healing Ray™

The Archangel Raphael's Attunement to the Emerald Healing Ray™

Archangel Raphael's Attunement to the Emerald Healing Ray™ is a profoundly powerful and fully encompassing loving energy which combines the luminous bright power of the sun with the wholesome based power of nature to create beauty, truth, vitality, wholesomeness, and healing. As these energies pour themselves into your heart, soul, and total Being they will work to refine, purify, cleanse and heal while at the same time they will fill your Being with absolute love. The loving Emerald Ray permeates the chakras.
It especially activates the Third Eye, which teaches the development of inner vision to intensify the recognition of truth.

The primary focus of the Emerald Healing Ray is on healing, love, humility, flawlessness and purity of heart. Also, it will allow you to better focus on a particular activity to achieve a specific goal. It will heighten creative visualization allowing creative activity to work its way through you into true manifestation in your experiences. It will support you in seeking truth in all you do.

Archangel Raphael, who is known as the angelic healer and whose name means "God Has Healed", bringer of the Emerald Healing Ray, will participate in this spectacular ritual along with the many Angels of the Emerald Flame, Angels of Truth, Healing Angels, Angels of Raphael and many other celestial Beings.
If you wish your special intention will be incorporated into the text of the attunement ceremony so that your attunement will be optimally personalized for you.

Some small informational facts on the Emerald Healing Ray:

  • There are no pre-requisites to receiving this attunement simply a want to receive it.
  • The registration/donation fee is $ 247.97
If you require more information prior to registering, please email Mary Lasota

Mary Lasota, founder of the Center for Being, and Archangel Raphael's Channel.

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