Archangel Gabriel's Attunement to the Harmony Ray™

The Archangel Gabriel's Attunement to the Harmony Ray™

Archangel Gabriel's Attunement to the Harmony Ray is a loving purified energy and in its magnificence merges all the colors of the rainbow forming a brilliant white in such a form as to accentuate the Divineness in all Beings.
As these energies merge themselves deep into your heart, soul and total Being they will work to perfect, heal, cleanse, while at the same time you will experience love and harmony in the totality of Self.
The brilliant Harmony Ray permeates the chakras with particular emphasis placed upon the base of the spine or creation chakra.

The primary focus of the Harmony Ray is on "trueness" in communication, harmony with Self and with all Beings, purity, perfection, and love.
Also, it will assist you in developing and utilizing your intuitive ability more fully.
It will enhance your spiritual elevation in a manner best suited for you.
The Harmony Ray will assist you in the realization of your total potential.
It will harmonize all necessary factors which will aid you in achieving your goals.

If you wish your special intention will be incorporated into the text of the attunement ceremony so that your attunement will be optimally personalized for you.

Archangel Gabriel, who is sometimes lovingly referred to as the "announcer" and whose name means "God is My Strength", bringer of the brilliant Harmony Ray, will participate in this amazing ritual along with the many Angels of the Harmony Flame, Angels of Communication, Legions of White Lightning Angels, Angels of Gabriel, Musical Angels, and many other loving celestial beings.

Some small informational facts on the Harmony Ray:

  • There are no pre-requisites to receiving this attunement simply a want to receive it.
  • The registration/donation fee is $ 247.97
If you require more information prior to registering, please email Mary Lasota

Mary Lasota, founder of the Center for Being, and Archangel Raphael's Channel.

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