Mary Lasota:

Spiritual Activist
Author of Loving Inspirational Books
Internationally known Intuitive and Spiritual healer
Channeler of Archangel Raphael

Attention please:
Currently Mary is NOT doing any attunements!


Mary believes that utilizing love and loving ways in handling day-to-day situations not only helps the person(s) involved but it spreads positivity into all of humankind. She thinks that love and loving ways may be used also to alleviate health issues that befall us and loving energies will help us cope with these issues.

All the attunements listed via the links on the left hand side of this page were channeled as a gift to humankind. They are transmitted at a distance. This means, that you, the receiver, will be in your home and Mary, the transmitter, will be in hers as she transmits these powerful, loving, healing energies onto you. Mary incorporates love in all of her healing work.

Mary has recently finished two books. She was guided by the Divine realms to write these books. Mary's books are loving, inspirational and healing. Even the children's book, Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, has these lovely components. The reader is guaranteed to take away positivity, love, beauty, and healing from reading these inspirational books. The books may be purchased from Amazon or any other online book store. These book are available in paperback as well as Kindle editions

Mary's books

Brand New!
Mary's New Book,
"Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 6, Sweet Lucy"
is out now!!

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 6, Sweet Lucy

Kitty Piper had been working hard and she is tired but joins her friend, a feline, Audrey. She hopes Audrey doesnít have too much planned for the day. She loves going to see their mutual human friend, Harlan, and Kitty Piper hopes thatís on the agenda. Audrey feels mischievous and wants to take a short cut through the woods to Harlanís house. Kitty Piper hesitates at first but then agrees because she loves Audrey and knows how happy this will make her. They walk through the woods. Audrey is very happy with the situation until they come upon a little baby kitty who is barely alive. Kitty Piper takes the little beautiful kittyís pulse, and the kitty doesnít move. Audrey agrees to stay with the kitty while Kitty Piper runs to Harlanís house to have Harlan come to save the kitty. Harlan knows how starved the poor little kitty is but doesnít let on to Kitty Piper or Audrey. He picks up the kitty and calls her Lucy. From that point on, her name is Lucy. They take the little kitty to Harlanís house where he heats up some milk for her and feeds her the milk with an eyedropper. The kitty is still unresponsive. Mrs. Jenkins and her son Billy just moved to town and Mrs. Jenkins was looking for a special kitty. Mrs. Jenkins loved Lucy from the moment she laid eyes on her. Lucy became her cat. Another little girl, Avery, also wanted the cat but Harlan made it known that Mrs. Jenkins will get the cat if Lucy pulls through. She (Avery) and Billy (Mrs. Jenkins son) like each other, and they had their own special way of showing it. Most of the time they argued. Avery didnít want to give up Lucy but in the end she agreed that Lucy belonged to Mrs. Jenkins. The kids, Billy and Avery had a lot in common as they both wanted to be vets. After a visit to the vets, the entourage, Mrs. Jenkins, Kitty Piperís Mommy, Audrey, Harlan, Billy and Avery returned to Kitty Piper Mommyís home. Kitty Piperís Mommy fed everyone and they left happy in merriment. Kitty Piper went to her room, jumped on the bed and was going to enjoy a good nightís sleep knowing Lucy would be okay and Mrs. Jenkins would spoil and take good care of her. Kitty Piperís dreams were about Lucy and what a beautiful kitty she was. Mrs. Jenkins was indeed blessed to have such a pet.

This loving book is for kids from the ages of six upwards.
Adults will enjoy it too.

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This book may be purchased directly from the publisher, Author House, as well as Amazon and all online stores.

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 5, A Kitty in a Basket

"Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 5, A Kitty in a Basket" is a lovely book showing that being upset with someone leads to nothing. Audrey is Kitty Piper's closest friend. A day comes when Audrey thinks Kitty Piper lied to her. Audrey believes her Mom, Angela Brown, is bringing another kitty into their house. This is the last thing Audrey wants. Audrey believes that Kitty Piper knew about it but didn't tell her. Audrey becomes very angry at Kitty Piper especially after Angela Brown does bring a kitty to their house. There is much misunderstanding but in the end what matters is love and friendship. It takes a big happening for Audrey to realize this and she tells Kitty Piper how sorry she is and how much she loves her.

This loving book is for kids from the ages of six upwards.
Adults will enjoy it too.

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This book may also be purchased directly from the publisher, Author House, as well as Amazon and all online stores.

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 4: A Tribute to Scooter

This is a loving children's book! It is a Tribute to Scooter, who passed away. He was Loretta's pet dog. It shows the beautiful closeness between Loretta and her doggie, Scooter. It also tells us that kitties and doggies have feelings for one another through their actions at Scooter's passing. The Townies indicate how very much they loved Scooter and how much they will miss him. Scooter was an unusually loving dog who capitvated everyone's heart, be it a human or someone from the animal kingdom. It helps us to understand the passing process of a beloved pet.

This loving book is for kids from the ages of six upwards.
Adults will enjoy it too.

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This book may also be purchased directly from the publisher, Author House, as well as Amazon and all online stores.

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 3: A Surprise for Ashley

Kitty Piper meets Ashley, a young seven year old. Ashley has never had a birthday party. She desperately wants a birthday party and she wants to go to a special concert afterwards. Ashley doesn't have enough money for the concert.
Kitty Piper talks to Ashley's Mom. Ashley's Mom agrees but since there is so little money in that household, she doesn't want to beg for it to happen. Kitty Piper assures her, there will be no begging. Jen Crowley agrees under those conditions. Kitty Piiper discusses it with her Mommy. She is very interested in helping out and said she would collect money from the townies to pay for it.
Kitty Piper next goes to Ashley's school and invites Ashley's classmates to the party. They said they would all come. Meanwhile, tickets are very rare for this extremely popular young man's concerts. Harlan, a friend, suggests Kitty Piper's Mom try the internet. She does and finds out the tickets are sold out. Kitty Piper's Mom telephones Mrs. Chancellor, a very well connected in town. and asks her if she can get them tickets. Kitty Piper and Harlan go to visit Joe Crowley, Ashley's father, and ask him to come to the party. After much arm twisting, he said he will. Harlan drives them back to town and lets Kitty Piper off at the Pizza Corner where she orders food. On the day of the party, Harlan brings Ashley home after a day of apple picking. Ashley is so happy to see everyone waiting and wishing her a Happy Birthday. There is much merriment. Joe Crowley shows up and Ashley is beside herself that her Dad came. After the dancing, singing and eating, Ashley opens all of her gifts and thanks everyone for them. Later, Jen suggests they go for a ride. A limo drives up and takes them to the concert. It's a day that Ashley will never forget.

This loving book is for kids from the ages of six upwards.
Adults will enjoy it too.

Mary suggests coloring the pictures. And, adding that which would make the pictures even more beautiful!

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This book may also be purchased directly from the publisher, Author House, as well as Amazon and all online stores.

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, Book 2: The Venusians Have Landed

Kitty Piper is an Angel Cat, sent by God to Earth to help those who need help. Kitty Piper, Book 2 is a loving story about a kitty who speaks as we humans do. She is a little Angel so she knows lots more than she has one believe she does.

As the story begins, Kitty Piper is walking with Audrey, another kitty. to visit Harlan, their friend. Kitty Piper sees something shiny in the sky and knows its a spaceship which will land in Harlan Williams' backyard. When the door of the spaceship opens, Kitty Piper, Audrey and Harlan meet the Venusians, or beautiful people as they are called: Jack, Serenity, Kathleen, and Emily and a huge very swift turtle named Zipush.. Kathleen announces she is here to meet her Beloved. Mrs. Chancellor, a rich woman, allows them to stay in her house and has a Lawn Party for them. All the young men in town want Kathleen to pay attention to them. Eric, a brilliant young man who is very shy, just stares at Kathleen, calling her his Queen. Kitty Piper plans the Lawn Party and teaches Eric how to dance the slow dance numbers. The Venusians and townies have a beautiful time.

Kathleen meets all the young men in town and the townies. Everyone tries to guess who it is that Kathleen will choose as her Beloved. Several months go by and then there is an announcement that Kathleen is getting married. Meanwhile, Kitty Piper has come to love Ziipush and cries at the thought of him going back home. Ziipush, travels at the speed of a jet and took Kitty Piper everywhere. After the wedding, Kathleen and her husband decide to stay in this small town; the others return to their planet. Kathleen asks Kitty Piper if she would like to care for Zipush at least until she and her Beloved will have built their new house. Kathleen met and married her Beloved and Kitty Piper was the happiest kitty in the whole wide world. This loving book will be enjoyed by kids from the ages 7 upward, and adults (including seniors).

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This book may also be purchased directly from the publisher, Author House, as well as Amazon and all online stores.

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat. I Almost Lost My Best Friend

Kitty Piper, Angel Cat, is a loving story about a kitty who talks as we humans do. She is a little angel so she knows lots more than she has one believe she does. When she comes to live with her new Mommy, Mary, she makes friends easily. Audrey becomes her best friend. One day when she goes to play with Audrey, she finds out that Audrey had a horrible accident; someone ran over her. Audrey is in the pet hospital, barely alive. She helps Audrey's Mom, Mrs. Brown, throughout the entire trauma, not knowing whether Audrey will make it or not. Kitty Piper never wavers from her belief that Audrey will make it. Ktty Piper knows who ran over Audrey. She seeks out her mentor, Harlan, a man in his seventies, to tell him. Kitty Piper shows Harlan what she believes to be evidence. Harlan takes it to the police. Meanwhile, Kitty Piper prays to our Divine God so that Audrey would live. Her prayers are being answered as the veterinarian tells Mrs. Brown that Audrey is off the respirator and breathing on her own, and her internal bleeding stopped. In several days Audrey will be able to go home. It was a Sunday when Audrey was discharged from the pet hospital. Before going to pick up Audrey, Mrs. Brown, Harlan, Kitty Piper, and Mary, all went to Church. The man who ran over Audrey, Wilbur, was marched into the church with a police officer, and Wilbur told Audrey's mom and the parishioners how sorry he was for doing what he did. Audrey came home and after physical therapy for a long time, she was able to walk and then even run once again. Kitty Piper, our little angel, was so happy she had her best friend back totally.

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This book may also be purchased directly from the publisher, Author House, as well as Amazon and all online stores.

YOU ARE LOVE: Enrich Your Life Practicing
Love and Loving Ways and Contribute to Humanity

If you believe that YOU ARE LOVE, all you desired will be possible. The Universe will become a totally loving place. Handling life situations with love and loving ways will enhance your life, the lifes of the ones you love, those you know, those you don't know, and all of humanity. Your physical self, soul, and heart are pure love. It is a special love given to all of us by our Creator. All of us came to Earth as Beings of complete, special love. From the time you were born, however, issues began to come along that accumulated and perhaps now, you no long believe that YOU ARE LOVE. It is possible to get back on track by utilizing love and loving ways in handling life's issues and concerns. By doing so, you will be able to create with others a world where all persons share equally, and contribute to enhance the life of all humankind. This will lead all persons to reach the ultimate, that which is JOY!

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Mary always wanted to write a short romance novel.
The time seemed right for her to do it now.
Knowing Mary, she could not write anything without including our beloved Archangel Raphael in it.

So, Raphael is mentioned on one of the pages of Sensations.


Scotty Welles, a young American architect, had it all figured out.
She was going to Warsaw to work on the restoration of the finest historic structures, and to be with Jerzy, the man she planned to marry.

Fate had other plans.
Scotty meets Jerzy's best friend, Krystek, a tall, blond, Polish architect, and is awakened to an overpowering love for him, experiencing blissful sensations she had never felt before.

To complicate matters, the beautiful Ilona tells Scotty that Krystek is her man. They already have a son together.

Scotty has always wanted a lasting love with marriage. Will she marry Jerzy, who is kind and gentle, or Krystek, who is arrogant and difficult?

The reader will learn a little about Polish culture, food, and the restoration of Warsaw's finest historic buildings.

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ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL: Loving Messages of Joy, Love, and Healing for Ourselves and Our Earth

A truly loving book about our beloved Archangel Raphael for our times.

Our age, through the availability of many books, the Internet, TV and Media shows, and news, appears ready to learn about heavenly realms, archangels, angels, and spirit guides.

The twenty-two timely messages from Raphael are loving, inspiring, informative, and healing. They are offered to the world to bring us hope and encouragement for a new Age of Innocence before us, where love, joy, peace and greater cooperation will occur between heaven and earth.

Highlighted in the book are Archangel Raphael's relationships with other archangels, with Mother Mary, and with Ascended Master Hilarion, formerly the Apostle Paul. Also presented is a historical background of Archangel Raphael along with his current activities with our seasons, healing, and scientific works.

The reader has the opportunity to experience the splendor of the noble gardens through several beautiful exercises. There is an extensive reference section to enhance further interest in religious and spiritual books.

This is truly a significant, relevant book for our times!

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Hope, Help, Healing with Archangel Raphael and the Angels

In this book, Hope, Help, Healing with Archangel Raphael and The Angels, many comments and much information is given which is extremely important at this time in terms of very much needed hope both in the present and for the future. Planet Earth and the individuals living on it need to know about Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters in order to avail themselves of all the helpful, hopeful, healing, protecting and guiding ways they have given in the past and about how all these offerings can be utilized now. The Emerald Joy Healing Ceremonials, the attunements and the messages are valuable because they come directly from Archangel Raphael himself, his contributions benefiting us all.

The authors intensive and extensive research about past Golden Ages and the predicted Golden Age to come culminates in a last chapter which shows the cosmic role Planet Earth has played in the past and needs to play again.

This book has come forth at this time to offer words of hope, help, and healing to a world in its transformational period!

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Golden Sands: To everyone who loves Romance Stories

Davine Beck, a young Chef, was quite content working in Johnny Weston's restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Unexpectedly, Bolton Reed, owner of countless lavish restaurants around the world stopped in for dinner. He loved the food and asked Davine if she would come to Bonaire to operate his vast restaurant, the Bon Bidi, which was not doing well. Davine immediately fell in love with Bolton Reed even though his argumentative ways were difficult for her to cope with. After much thought, Davine accepted the challenging position, which was a tremendous advance to her career. Their arguments about necessary changes were fierce. Their lovemaking was sizzling. Davine was creative and implemented changes that drew the crowds making it the Number One restaurant among the tourists. Bolton had many women in his day. Davine thought he was making love with Hazel Jones, a beautiful singer, because she lived in Bolton's mansion, as did Davine. Arguments continued and Davine decided to go back to the United States. She loved Bolton but they seemed to only hurt one another. Finally, Bolton admits the truth, which is that he, loves her and only her very much. He asks her to marry him.

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Mary's books can be obtained with all booksellers, for instance, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, Tesco Entertainment, local bookstores and so on!

The attunements and Activations listed on this site will energetically support and assist in the healing of both emotional and physical concerns.

"...and when you awaken it will be to a breathtaking new world...
a Divine heaven on Earth...
one you helped to create....
and the Joy you will feel is eternal...
You are love!"
.....Archangel Raphael

" I walk with you I notice your love shines its light to the far reaches of the Earth and to all Beings...
I will walk with you always."
.....Mother Mary

"....for in healing of the heart the physical and emotional are healed while the Soul is nourished. What a magnificence! It is your Heart of Light which brilliantly shines upon the Universe...."
.....Archangel Raphael

"....a new world awaits you...
it will be manifested from the never ending wells of love within you. It is that time for your love to fully emerge...
to create a Divine heaven on Earth and live in Joy...."
.....Ascended Master Hilarion

" is the negativity of life which must be cleansed with love...
and in so doing you are healing the Universe..."
....Mother Mary

"...may the beauty, love and Joy you feel today remain in your heart forever..." .....Archangel Raphael