Workshops by Mary Lasota

The Center for Being™ will currently be devoted to bringing you workshops, courses, etc. based on the messages received from Raphael.

At this time two complete workshops, based on the messages and the Love of Archangel Raphael are available for public.

The workshops, called the Garden Workshop™, and Revisiting the Gardens™ are based upon the messages and guidance of Archangel Raphael.
Both the titles of the workshops as well as the contents came directly from Raphael through his messages.

The workshops also form a beautiful elective for all men and women training and/or practicing in energy modalities.

Whether you choose for the Garden Workshop™, (which consists of four separate smaller workshops focused on Awakening, Beauty, Love and Joy), or for the Revisiting the Gardens™ workshop, (which offers the unique Archangel Raphael's Energetic Attunement for Joy), both can be a great and valuable addition in your spiritual search for the meaning of life.

There's more detailed information about the workshops here

As we expand we will offer other workshops and courses as well.

Currently all our offerings will be on line.

To contact the Center fore Being™, and/or if you require more information on the workshops prior to registering, please email Mary Lasota

If you want to register for one of the workshops directed by Mary Lasota, click here

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Garden of Joy™ and Revisiting the Gardens™
are all Trademarks of Mary Lasota.